Coronavirus | Big Fat Smile’s approach


Big Fat Smile is closely monitoring the advice provided by both state and federal authorities regarding the Novel Coronavirus.

The health and safety of our children and staff is our top priority. Our 42 centres across New South Wales are taking a proactive approach, based on the advice of the New South Wales Departments of Education and Health.

Big Fat Smile Early Learning Centres and Outside School Hours Care (Fun Club) services are:

  • Excluding any person (staff member or child) who has returned from China or Hong Kong since January 15, or who has been in direct contact with a person with a confirmed case of Coronavirus for a period of 14 days (as per advice on the virus’ incubation period)
  • Staff and children who returned from China or Hong Kong more than 14 days ago and have shown no symptoms are able to return to centres this week.
  • Monitoring the health and welfare of all families and Big Fat Smile staff members
  • Reminding families and our teams about the increased importance of good hygiene, especially frequent handwashing and covering coughs and sneezes, we are also advising, where possible, to avoid anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness (eg. coughing or sneezing)
  • Working to support the children, families and staff members who are being impacted by the exclusion advice

Persons seeking further information are being directed to visit:

We are providing regular updates to our families, Centre Directors, educators and all workers in line with advice from the relevant authorities.

Feedback on our approach can be directed to: