Centres (Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool)


Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool

Broughton Street,

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Email: wmcps@bigfatsmile.com.au
Opening hours: 9am-3pm (Mon-Wed, school term only)
Ages: 2 -5 yrs

At Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool we believe that all children should feel safe and secure in their environment. We treat all children with respect and offer an extremely nurturing and caring environment.
We pride ourselves on ensuring each child feels included, accepted and genuinely cared for. We offer a fun and dynamic early education service encouraging children to learn through exploration, investigation and inquiry. Children have an opportunity to participate in music and movement, art, dance, pre writing and early literacy tasks.
Jamie-Lee Anthanassopoulos, Centre Director

Why choose Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool?

We have access to a range of equipment and resources at our multiple locations, giving the children plenty of opportunities to extend on their learning with variety and choice. We are enthusiastic about incorporating a variety of arts into the program including various painting/drawing, music, dance, gross motor programs and relaxation opportunities.

The daily routine includes small and large group times extending on children’s language and communication skills and group learning. Our educator’s have expertise in supporting children’s emotional well being, confidence and development of social skills giving them a good grounding for current and future educational experiences.

Science and Discovery experiences are consistently incorporated in to the curriculum Kinderloop communication tool allows parents to receive updates of their child’s day. We also offer a school readiness program and transition to school opportunities.

What’s included?


What to bring?

Change of clothes in a bag
Drink Bottle
Fruit Break / Morning Tea and Lunch