Attendance Blocks

Your Hours, Your Choice

What are attendance blocks?

Big Fat Smile is now giving you the option to choose the hours of child care you use, based on what suits your circumstances, in order to get the most out of your eligible Child Care Subsidy hours.

What’s the benefit of moving to a shorter attendance block?

All families are different and some children may not need to attend their Centre’s full operating hours. By choosing a shorter attendance block (9 or 10 hours) this makes the most of your eligible child care subsidised hours, as you only use the number of hours in your attendance block.
For instance if your centre is open 12 hours per day (6.30am – 6.30pm) you would use up 12 subsidised hours each day. If you select an attendance block of 9 hours at that centre, you use only 9 subsidised hours per day. This means the 3 hours saved can be used towards another attendance day.

Contact us to discuss how to make the most of your Child Care Subsidy hours, phone 1300 002 237

How does it work?

Can I start/finish my attendance block at any time I like?
Yes! Your attendance block can start at any time within the centre’s operating hours of business.

Can I select different attendance blocks across different days of the week? No, once you select your attendance block this applies to all your days of care. You are required to provide 2 weeks notice to change your attendance block.

Can I start at different times on different days?
Yes! As long as your total attendance block is the same every day, you can come in when it suits your family.

What happens if I am late to drop off or pick up?
Attendance blocks can start and finish any time within your Centre’s operating hours. The attendance block starts when you arrive and if you’re late to pick up by more than 30min, then our usual late fee penalty applies ($3 per minute for the first 10min and $1 per minute thereafter). If this regularly occurs we will re-evaluate the attendance block you should be on.

How can attendance blocks help?

Here’s an example:
Taylor’s parents both work full time. They require 10 days of childcare per fortnight and are eligible for 100 subsidised hours of care per fortnight (or 10 hours per day). Their Big Fat Smile centre is open 12 hours per day, so they were using 120 hours of care per fortnight and exceeding their eligible hours.

As Taylor attends the centre from 8.30am-5.30pm,
his parents have now selected an attendance block of
9 hours. Taylor still receives the same total hours of care, and his parents no longer exceed their total fortnightly subsidised hours (which reduces their out of pocket cost).Call 1300 002 237 to get the most out of your Child Care Subsidy hours

Additional Centre terms and conditions apply and may be subject to change.