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Helensburgh Community Preschool

26B Walker Street,

Fax: 02 4294 9123
Email: hcps@bigfatsmile.com.au
Opening hours: 8am-4pm (school term only)
Ages: 2.5 - 5 years

We believe in celebrating the stage of development that each child is in at the present moment, without rushing them to meet milestones that they may not be ready for.

By forming in depth relationships with each child, educators are able to challenge children while giving them a secure base to challenge themselves from. We believe that it is our role as early childhood educators to encourage a lifelong love of learning and, along with any life transition, preparation for the change of attending school is vitally important.

Skills such as resilience and independence underpin our school readiness planning and will be evident in the centre’s overall program.

Jane Morgan, Centre Director

Why choose Helensburgh Community Preschool?

Helensburgh Community Preschool is centrally located in the middle of town and we have a large natural playspace including natural cubby houses, vegetable patch, mudpie kitchen and large sandpit.

Experienced, long term staff have made a commitment to remain updated on new and emerging research. They encouraging emerging literacy, numeracy and STEM skills and utilise technology within a variety of experiences. We believe that preparation for school is much more than expecting a four year old child to sit and complete a stencil, they are capable of much more than this.

We do believe that, along with any life transition, preparation for the change of attending school is vitally important. We have an extensive transition to school program, work closely with our local schools and will always inform families of important dates and events that will help children be emotionally prepared for the changes that will occur.

Lastly by utilising the team of  Big Fat Smile “creatives” such as musician, artists and nature play experts we enhance our programs.

What Parents are Saying About Us

“Experienced professional and friendly educators who make the time to give you specific feedback about your child’s social development and learning progress”

What’s included?


What to bring?

Change of clothes in a bag
Drink bottle
Morning tea and lunch

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