Centres (Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool)


Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool

Broughton Street,

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Email: wmcps@bigfatsmile.com.au
Opening hours: 9am-3pm (Mon-Wed, school term only)
Ages: 2 -5 yrs

At Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool, we value the uniqueness of each child and aim to create a positive and caring environment for all children and families to feel welcomed and supported.

By providing a caring, safe and secure environment, children are assisted to fulfil their potential. We offer a fun and dynamic program, which allows children to learn through play and prepares them for their future of education.

Jamie-Lee Athanassopoulos, Centre Director

Why choose Wollondilly Mobile Community Preschool?

We have access to a range of equipment and resources at both of our locations which provides the children with plenty of opportunities to extend on their learning. We maintain a balance between experiences that are child led and those that are supported by thoughtful intentional teaching. We are fortunate to be surrounded by an amazing environment at Wilton and we access this area on a regular basis for further gross motor development and bushwalking.

The daily routine includes small and large group times extending on children’s language and communication skills and group learning. Our educators are passionate and support children’s emotional wellbeing, independence and ability to make choices as they recognise the early years of a child’s life are the formative years for their development.

What’s included?


What to bring?

Change of clothes in a bag
Drink Bottle
Fruit Break / Morning Tea and Lunch