Lara McCabe

Following is a statement about learning from mistakes and improvement.

Fun Club @ Bellambi Point had an incident two years ago where a child left the centre without being seen by staff. The incident demanded critical reflection and a comprehensive response about how we conduct school holiday care at Bellambi Point. Senior management and staff conducted a thorough review of practices and procedures, and introduced improvements to ensure the safety of all children in care.

Fun Club @ Bellambi Point implemented the following:

  • A double 1.8 metre gate system which is locked at all times.
  • Revised gate locking procedures.
  • Doors leading onto the foyer area were installed with alarms to alert staff if they are opened.
  • Enhanced induction for all staff members prior to school holiday care commencing.
  • All staff members meeting prior to school holiday care to review policies, procedures and expectations in the context of the children who have enrolled and their needs.
  • Enhanced daily environmental safety checklists of the indoor and outdoor play areas.
  • Additional scheduled headcounts during the day.
  • Improved toilet procedures.
  • Revised and improved behaviour plans for children.
  • More prominent display of photos of educators and children so they can be easily identified.

Since the incident two years ago, Fun Club @ Bellambi Point has been the subject of several internal audits, the results of which reflect the positive changes made.

Further, the centre was assessed in 2015 by the Department of Education of behalf of the national regulator ACECQA. The centre was assessed as exceeding the National Quality Standard for Education and Care. The team remains vigilant so that every child’s needs and safety can be assured.

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