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From our Director Michelle Maltby

At Wollongong City Community Preschool, we see children as completely capable, diverse and confident learners, who explore themselves through a child lead, play based learning environment. We embrace the many cultures, experiences and beliefs our children and families bring with them to the centre. Children, when engaged together with other children, are inventors, builders, creators and co-creators with curiosity, confidence and commitment. Children are free of judgement and discrimination and as educators we encourage and support children through an inclusive approach.

We value our families by creating and maintaining professional and reciprocal relationships, celebrating their wide diversity. As educators we are proactive in adhering to the education, health and safety of all children, families, staff and visitors. We identify that the community is resourceful and accessible providing children with a practical view of the world around them as they connect with people and places. Educators create partnerships within our local community recognising the importance of children contributing and making connections with all things of and in their world.

My personal philosophy as a director is to provide learning and care opportunities for all children and families. I believe we are here to support families in their role as parents and guide children in the right direction for their future learning. I believe that all children have the right to education, care and fun. I also believe we learn so much from the children and families through their beliefs, cultures, experiences and interactions making my role enjoyable, knowledgeable and holistic.

I believe all children have the right to speak their own language and communicate in their own way, to learn to be the best they can be, to play, to learn many things, choose their friends and think for themselves, working together in partnership with educators and peers.

What Parents are Saying About Wollongong City Community Preschool

“Caring staff Family inclusiveness Community feel Fun and respectful environment for kids”

“I think this centre is fantastic, the educators provide so many opportunities for different learning experiences. I love all the excursions that are provided for my children. creating real-life experiences, community connections and the ELLA program”

“Amazing preschool, feel part of a family at Wollongong city preschool”

“Literally, I feel safe and comfortable when I send my child to this school, they all are friendly”

“We love our preschool, they go above and beyond with our children. My children are so happy and are learning so much. They love preschool days.”

Why choose Wollongong City Community Preschool?

We are a diverse centre recognising and celebrating all family and children’s culture and range of abilities and interests. We offer a preschool program during the school terms creating a homely environment for children who at the centre can engage in a range of experiences for their overall development and positive outcomes.

We have a transition to school program based around the best start program, we have a smart board and use iPads and we love Kinderloop to partner with families during the day.

We have great links with the local community through our love of excursions and events including Wollongong Library, Wollongong City Council, our local park, Wollongong Community Hub, Wollongong art gallery and more!

We focus on creating mutual relationships through building trust, respect and confidence with and for all children and families through our warm, friendly, caring, child-centric and safe centre.

We would love you to come for a visit and become part of our Wollongong City Community Preschool family

What’s Included?

Spare hats if required

What to bring?

Change of clothes
Drink bottle
Morning tea and lunch and piece of fruit
Nappies if required

Smiles all round!

Big Fat Smile exists for children and families, working to provide access to the highest quality early education and care in Australia. In fact, quality is central to everything we do.

Why Choose Us

Diversity Programs

We are taking enquiries for now and beyond. If you are interested in having your child start at one of our centres, click on our preschool or Fun Club tabs for more information!

Transition Programs

We have a transition to school program based around the best start program, we have a smart board and use iPads and we love Kinderloop to partner with families during the day.

Links with local community

We have great links with the local community including the library, Wollongong City Council and local park and love excursions, incursions and plan different events each term.

Celebrating Culture

We are very in tune with our vast range of family cultures who attend the centre and we celebrate these, creating respect for all children and families through our many events each term.

Uniquely BFS

Educational framework

Bespoke Educational Framework

 The educational framework is a benchmark for best practice across all Big Fat Smile services, setting out expectations for pedagogical learning and teaching practices that support the promotion of learning in the early years. 

Safeguarding children

Child safety is a part of our vision and values

We are a child safe organisation. We take a whole of organisation approach towards creating and embedding a child safe culture, environment and practices for all children, across all service types and programs.

Our values

Our values guide our practices across all levels of our organisation, from Head Office, to Educators in services.