Preschools & Long Daycares

Safety, Leadership, Integrity, Inclusion & Child-Centric Collaboration

A positive experience

Big Fat Smiles preschools and long day cares pride themselves on:

  • Highly qualified staff
  • Quality educational programmes
  • Safe environments
  • Healthy food
  • Your children are in expert care, we make sure of it.

Offering sector-leading early education and care

At Big Fat Smile we focus on delivering the best possible staffing ratios, highly qualified teachers and centre staff, and beautiful play environments that nurture children and facilitate their creative expression.

We know you value the ‘BIG’ little extras like meals in long day care, nappies, sunscreen, creative programs and not paying for public holidays.

How to stay connected

We understand how important communication is.

At Big Fat Smile we use Kinderloop, to keep you connected with your child throughout the day – for peace of mind and an extra BIG smile.

Is your child transitioning to school?

The thing about children is; they just keep on growing!

At Big Fat Smile our educators are here to help children transition to school. We will point you in the right direction for practical support, community events, information and current research.

The is a great place to start and contains resources for both parents and educators.

We enrich the lives and minds of our children and families in their communities.

Why choose us?

Diversity Programs

We are taking enrolments for 2021. If you are interested in having your child start at one of our centres, click on the link below to download enrolment information pack.

Transition Programs

We have a transition to school program based around the best start program, we have a smart board and use iPads and we love Kinderloop to partner with families during the day.

Links with local community

We have great links with the local community including the library, Wollongong City Council and local park and love excursions, incursions and plan different events each term.

Celebrating Culture

We are very in tune with our vast range of family cultures who attend the centre and we celebrate these, creating respect for all children and families through our many events each term.

Our values

Our values guide our practices across all levels of our organisation, from Head Office, to Educators in services.







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Debit Request Form

Our direct debit request authorisation form.

Kinderloop Permission

Kinderloop provides a secure, fun and cost effective way for child care providers to share information with family through real-time updates.