Lara McCabe

Big Fat Smile has secured a grant to fund a brand new outdoor renovation for Bellambi Point Community Preschool, as part of the NSW Government Community Building Partnership Program.

The grant of $39,910 which was secured by Ryan Park in 2012, has allowed for the development of a much needed playground which will include natural environments, opportunities for discovery and imagination, a bike track and an alfresco dining room.

Ian Hibble, who has designed many of Big Fat Smile’s innovative play scapes, created the design in discussion with input from children at the preschool and Jane Morgan, Director of Bellambi Point Community Preschool at the time.

Ian’s designs are heavily focussed on natural elements with trees, plantings and habitats for wildlife so that soft fall and plastic are kept to a minimum.

Included in the design for the playground is a wet creek bed that mimics a natural creek and blends into the natural land fall.

Mr Hibble said, “A circular pump system recycles the creek water and doesn’t allow water to pool so it is always safe and a great opportunity for kids to learn and play in their outdoor classroom.”

Work is scheduled to be completed end of September, just in time for Spring.

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