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Out of School Hours Care Educator Jobs

Here, we want you to bring your awesome. Embrace less structure in your day. And tap into your childlike wonder, as you create imaginative experiences across sports, arts and craft, outdoor, cooking and more. A much more fun alternative to classroom teaching, – it’s the perfect job for the big kid at heart.

Experience as a support worker, SLSO, OSHC Educator/2IC, or working with school aged children such as a sports coach is ideal. But whether you’re a teacher looking to expand your skills or hours, a student looking for part-time work, or someone who loves working with children, our Fun Clubs will let you explore, kickstart or get ahead in a childhood education career.

With split shifts (before and after school), and permanent and casual jobs on offer, you can choose the shifts to suit your lifestyle and other commitments.

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Out of School Hours Care Director Jobs

As a centre director, you’ll play a crucial role in the lives of children and families in your local school community. Come together with a group of likeminded people, to do work you love.

When we work together as educators, families and a community to bring out the best in our children, we bring out the best in each other. Here, beautiful relationships will be formed – with your peers, children, and their families – through shared experiences that are as rich as they are rewarding.

We want you to bring your ideas and flair to influence children’s lives by finding fun, imaginative ways to build their emotional and social skills. And whilst it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, we can promise fun, laughter and play, every day.

You’ll be surrounded by people who are as invested as you. Daily support from your educators, access to a support network of other centre directors, and regular check-ins from Subject Matter Experts in our Head Office – together we’ll ensure your centre continues to provide quality education and care.

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Why Choose Us

Your launchpad to great things

Whether you’re formally qualified in teaching or not, this is a great opportunity to explore and get a head-start in a childhood education career. Get practical on-the-job experience applying your knowledge, and gain valuable skills and training that goes way beyond the industry norm. From study support to traineeships, these are just some ways we can set you up for a rewarding career working with children.

Work around you

It’s not often flexibility and job security go hand in hand, but our Fun Clubs offer both. Because it’s shift work, you can pick and choose hours to suit your lifestyle and other commitments. And you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ll always have work, given we’re an in-demand, essential service. Find the perfect balance between learning, life and meaningful work.

We share to grow

As leaders in our field with 40+ centres across NSW, we’re never not learning. Or growing. It’s at the heart of everything we do. You’ll have a front row seat to the latest research and thinking on early childhood education. And your own platform for sharing ideas while getting exposure to different practices and reflections across our centres. This is how we grow, get better and solve problems: together.

Empowered to make a real difference

There’s just one thing we ask you to bring: your awesome. Every day. In every way. We want you to bring your ideas and interests into everything you do. We’ve seen how much joy our educators get from influencing a child’s life. So, you’ll have the freedom to build our children’s emotional and social skills in fun, imaginative ways. This is the difference you’ll make to each child, every day.  

Fun for you too

When you’re working with children, fun comes with the territory. Whether it’s the positive feedback from your manager, or working together with your peers, here there’s a special something. It’s through these personal interactions that bonds are formed. Enjoy a deep kinship with those around you as you create fun, magic and memorable moments together.

Gain practical skills and experience

With no formal qualifications or extensive experience required, this is an incredible entry pathway to explore careers in childhood education. Ours is the perfect platform to get practical skills and experience to create a fulfilling career doing work that lights you up.

The professional learning we provide is over and above what’s required for the industry, and our educators see it as invaluable. Boost your knowledge with our inhouse, online, on-the-job and cross-sector training, and take advantage of our team of experts.

Whether you’re gaining valuable on-the-job experience working with children while you study, growing knowledge in implementing pedagogy and practice, or broadening your cross-sector skills to make you a better teacher – here there are always practical opportunities for you to learn and grow.

We’re dedicated to learning, collaboration and innovation. And so are our people. So, from study support to traineeships, these are just some ways we can set you up for a rewarding career working with children.

As a Fun Club Director, I love being able to build wonderful relationships with the children, the families and the educators in my team

– Fun Club Director

Laurence, Fun Club Director

About me: I’m the Fun Club Director at Fun Club @ West Wollongong

What I wanted to be when I was young: Astronaut, I have always liked space since I was a child. The never knowing of what was truly out there and the possibility of exploring and seeing what it was like outside of Earth would be thrilling and most certainly an experience.

What I enjoy most about working in OSHC care: Being able to get involved with the children whether that is an art activity or a sports game outside. Just seeing their faces light up when you get involved while getting on their level and the enjoyment they thoroughly get from having me join in their games and activities. Also having the opportunity to learn alongside the children while giving them the opportunity to expand their own knowledge through a variety of very fun and engaging activities. I enjoy having the opportunity to build relationships with both the children and the families, getting to know them as a person, their interests and hobbies while also providing them with a safe environment to explore and have FUN.

What makes me laugh the most: Most certainly when children make jokes that I have never heard before or they say something out of nowhere that is unexpected!  

Bridy, Fun Club Director

About me: I am the Director of Fun Club @ Thirroul

What I wanted to be when I was young: When I was little I wanted to be a rockstar. As I grew up, I learnt that what I wanted was to have a job I loved. Big Fat Smile has given me that job.

What I enjoy most about working in OSHC care: I love watching the children at Thirroul Fun Club grow and learn through play and leisure. OSHC plays an important role in childhood development as the children get to experience things that they may not get to experience during school or at home.

What makes me laugh the most: The joy the children experience through the activities we provide at Fun Club. Through the joy brings laughter.

Our locations

Over the past 40+ years we’ve grown into one of the largest and most respected providers in our region. Today Big Fat Smile runs a network of community preschools, Fun Clubs and a portfolio of community and inclusion programs across Australia, but still with a firm, solid foundation in the Illawarra.

With 14 Before, After and Vacation Care services across the Illawarra and Goulburn regions, we’re hoping you’ll find the right opportunity to join our team of brilliant educators and teachers who are enriching the lives and minds of over 3000 children and their families.

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Our Values

Every one of our people work hard to live our values, which guide everything we do. The most important of which is putting the safety and wellbeing of our children first.

On top of this, we’re creating an environment where everyone is welcomed, valued and respected – regardless of their differences. Where we can work together in courageous and imaginative ways. Where we can lead the industry through excellence and advocate the important role our educators play. And everything we do centres on the child.

Putting a child front and centre means we create inspired learning experiences that match a child’s needs and interests. We bring fun, laugher and play to every day. And we make more of a difference to each of their lives, in every way.

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