Rebecca Slade

Nestled in between the mountains and the sea, our Exceeding-rated before and after school care service, Fun Club Thirroul, is making waves in their sustainability efforts, lead by the children.

Director Bridy Garnon, alongside a team of like-minded educators and children, is leading the way to a sustainable future by ensuring the service and the children within it, learn and practice efforts to reduce their carbon foot-print, whilst having fun at the same time!

At Thirroul Fun Club, we understand the importance of protecting our natural environment and the need for implementing sustainable practices. Our service is a community of educators, children, families and school members who share a vision of minimising the ecological footprint, maximising opportunities for change and the opportunity to educate others. In alignment with our Acknowledgment of Country statement, children are provided with opportunities to explore, engage with & learn about the natural world’

As a part of reflective programming, the team of educators meet regularly to discuss interests raised by the students aged between 5-12 years and ways they can implement them in to their educational programs. Among other things, Fun Club Thirroul have implemented:

  • Paper-making to supplement the large amount of paper used in the service
  • Reducing the use of plastic items including gloves and cling-wrap
  • Watering can used for excess water (used for watering plants)
  • Baking banana bread and other healthy snacks to reduce plastic waste from store-bought goods
  • Re-using and re-purposing materials where possible, including the creation of a Rubbish to Riches corner, where children can reuse items for arts, crafts and play
  • Establishing a worm farm for worm tea to nourish their gardens and compost bin for our fruit and vegetable scraps.

They have also started their own veggie garden, where they are currently growing lettuce and potatoes, used for cooking within the service. The veggie garden has been sourced by Director Bridy through donations from the local community and they have recently secured donations of 20 bags of soil, pavers and other items from their local Bunnings Store in near-by Bellambi to renovate the garden.

Recently, the children of Fun Club Thirroul also banded together to represent their commitment to sustainability through collaborative art. The piece, entitled Saving the Ocean ft. Seaweed the Turtle, represents the services commitment and efforts to do their best to ensure they take responsibility to protect and preserve the beautiful natural world they love and enjoy.

To learn more about our Exceeding-rated before and after school care service, Fun Club Thirroul, click here


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