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From our Director Jodie Taylor & Jamie McNamara

Picton Community Preschool prides its self on being a safe and inclusive environment for children and their families to come. Our tranquil garden offers children the space to explore a natural environment, while testing their physical limits.

The passionate educators of Picton Community Preschool work collaboratively with families and the community to provide an educational play-based program, that reflects the children’s interests and development.

What Parents are Saying About Picton Community Preschool

“Picton Community Preschool is a fantastic preschool. The educators are professional, organised and friendly. A pleasure to deal with and I would recommend this facility to anybody looking to start their child’s early education”

“Great play environment, great educators who are attentive and calm and very effective teachers. They change the learning environments regularly and give the kids a great preschool experience.”

“I love Jamie Moon, the director. I love the teachers. I felt like I was dropping my son off with friends so it didn’t feel scary. They were always so accommodating and I felt like my son got so much out of the experience.”

“We love our preschool, I’ve had three of my 5 children attend there over the past 6 years and will be sending my twins next year. It’s a beautiful preschool with lovely caring teachers.”

Picton Preschool is a happy meeting place for children and their families. Serving the local community since 1971 where play & creativity are paramount to learning and discovery. Children are encouraged to belong, be and become, maintained by nurturing, supportive and intentional educators.

While academics are important, our day is forged by a child-interest-centred curriculum. Our centre focuses on the child’s inter-personal skills…developing their independence… empowering them to make choices… to believe in their own thinking… learning how to live in a micro community of people.  

We allow children to be in the ‘now.  The world of school and adult skills will happen because they have been allowed to be children and play within a safe, creative environment. Also our school readiness occurs every day for every child.

What’s included?

Fridge facilities are available for dairy & meat products sent in lunches

What to bring?

Change of clothes in a bag
Water bottle
Morning tea and lunch

Smiles all round!

Big Fat Smile exists for children and families, working to provide access to the highest quality early education and care in Australia. In fact, quality is central to everything we do.

Why Choose Us

Serving the Local Community

Picton Community Preschool has been serving the local community since 1971. Our vision is to create a safe, warm and inclusive family atmosphere. Educators and families work together to support children, to reach their full potential. Family’s values and traditions are respected and incorporated into the Preschool environment, for all children to learn, discover and celebrate.

Transition to School

Children are guided daily to support their future transition to school.  Picton Community Preschool provides a play base learning program, focusing on building children’s social and emotional intelligence, and developing independence and self-help skills. We embed sustainability and respect for our natural world. Children have the opportunity to make choices and have ownership of their own learning.

Uniquely BFS

Educational framework

Bespoke Educational Framework

 The educational framework is a benchmark for best practice across all Big Fat Smile services, setting out expectations for pedagogical learning and teaching practices that support the promotion of learning in the early years. 

Safeguarding children

Child safety is a part of our vision and values

We are a child safe organisation. We take a whole of organisation approach towards creating and embedding a child safe culture, environment and practices for all children, across all service types and programs.

Our values

Our values guide our practices across all levels of our organisation, from Head Office, to Educators in services.