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Picton Community Preschool has a long-standing relationship with the community, this means that we are fortunate enough to see multiple generations of families attending our preschool.

For instance, Chris Taylor attended Picton Community Preschool and is pictured here in 1985, with his dad at a parent’s day visit.

In September 2019, Chris returned to Picton Community Preschool as a dad, celebrating an open family evening, this time with his son Levi who now attends the preschool, just as Chris did.

It has been 34 years since Chris had played with his dad at the preschool and now his son Levi, is enjoying the same childhood experience, shared with his dad. During the visit, Levi invited his dad to play with the wooden building blocks, as pictured. The significance of this event was not lost on Chris, 34 years later.

Chris and his son Levi

“Being able to share the same experience with Levi that I got to share with my dad is a special day for my family. The preschool has been a part of our family and our history. I am just over the moon that Levi will have these special memories of our time together, just as I have with my dad”.

– Chris Taylor
Chris and his dad

Picton Community Preschool Centre Director, Jamie Moon, said

“Picton Community Preschool has been serving the local community since 1971 and we are delighted when we see multiple generations of families attend the preschool. At Big Fat Smile, it’s our aim to be the number one choice for families for the provision of quality education and care, and to see children of children who once attended the preschool now enrolled in our service simply shows how important our preschool is within the local community”.

Chris’s story represents the impact our services has on families within their community. Designed to be inclusive and accessible to the community and Not For Profit, Big Fat Smile is passionate about serving families and providing quality early child education programs to give children the best start in life.

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