Douglas Simkin

At Big Fat Smile, we’re passionate about creating an environment where everyone is welcome and valued, regardless of differences. This was the focus of a recent networking event where staff and early childhood professionals came together at Manooka Valley Community Preschool to learn more about practical strategies for inclusion of children who display behaviours that challenge.

Presenter Dr Jane Warren (University of Wollongong) gave us a front row seat to the latest research and knowledge and shared richly from her own experiences gained from decades working as an early childhood practitioner.

Supported by Dr Warren’s knowledge and strategies, the event provided a platform for attendees to share their ideas, reflect on barriers to inclusion, as well as both successful and less successful strategies they have tried in the past.

Centre Director, Julie, also gave us a tour of the beautiful service, showcasing the Manooka Valley CPS Sensory Room, the veggie garden and residential canaries, chickens, and rabbits.

With professional learning at the heart of everything we do at Big Fat Smile, there are further sessions scheduled for the remainder of the year. Follow our social media channels to stay up to date on upcoming sessions. In the meantime, if you’d like to know more about current career opportunities, please reach out to our people team at [email protected].

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